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Overcome stress and anxiety without the use of pharmaceuticals because every part of your life should be beautiful!

About Ur Harmony

Living with anxiety sucks. Make your life beautiful!

Company Goal

After suffering anxiety and depression for over 15 years, I reached a point where I knew I couldn’t live that life for even one more day.

Medications are expensive, have nasty side effects, and, from my perspective, were just a band-aid fix, not a real solution. I believe in solutions, and I was determined to find a better life.


So I dove into transformation. I spent money and tried different things. I read books, bought CDs, hired a life coach, and had Reiki and other alternative treatments. I found a lot of things that really work!

After going through this transformation myself, I realized that there are lots of people out there who are suffering, and who sometimes resort to terrible things because they are so desperate. I saw that I had something to give to the world, and I decided to make it happen. That is when I created Ur Harmony.

You deserve to live a beautiful life, and it is my sincere hope that this website and my services can help you do that!